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Our various services are bundled into plans to provide comprehensive care for your workforce and their families. EAP Works has over 25 years proven experience providing plans that benefit both the employee’s performance and the organization’s productivity by implementing data-driven services. Our plans are built on a foundation of services that support improved employee attendance, morale and productivity. These plans are easily incorporated into your current company benefits to help employees become more productive and focused at work.

Plan I - Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

The purpose of our core EAP program is to help your employees address and resolve issues and behaviors that may be impeding them from a healthy life and a productive work day. We meet with employees face-to-face, by telephone and online to coach them to reach their fullest personal and professional potential and to resolve any clinical issues (stress, substance abuse, etc) that may be hindering them. For more specialized mental health concerns, we provide case management for direct access assistance.

EAP Works is not a traditional EAP company or “call center” that only waits to provide services after a problem occurs. In addition to our quick response to employees and family members calling for our services, we also provide outreach to members when requested by managers, human resources directors and other leaders.

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Plan II - Crisis Management

We provide our client companies with a plan of action for addressing crisis before they occur. If a critical incident occurs, we make onsite visits to help deal with the stress employees may experience. Our goal is to help you by having a plan in place and to be readily available to be onsite within 24 to 48 hours as requested. We also train leaders on violence prevention and conflict resolution to help them recognize the signs that could precede an incident. Our team teaches leaders how to stay calm and react appropriately during a crisis and to help get the company back on track.

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Plan III - Organization Development (OD)

Many times improvement starts from within and spreads out to affect other areas, as is the case with a company’s internal structure. Our OD services are based on research, military data and our many years of experience. Our leadership services have become more important as we address a workforce of diverse age, gender, cultural, millennial issues and other concerns. We also work one-on-one with leaders with Executive Coaching.

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Plan IV - Work/Life Resources

Employees identify as a member of your organization, and they also identify as many other roles (spouse, parent, and care-giver) in their personal lives. These different identities often collide in our day-to-day life causing friction and stress for employees. When this inevitably happens, EAP Works is available to support both employees and family members with a host of recommendations, referrals and resources to help employees return to a healthy and productive work-life balance. Our goal is to provide local resources to employees and family members within three days.

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Plan V - Health Works Solutions (HWS)

Employee wellness is vital to keep employees healthy and productive. We consult with your leaders to coordinate onsite Biometric Screenings, Wellness Coaching, Disease Management and Incentive Programs. We tailor our health works solutions to resonate with your employees. We work with your staff to get employees engaged and excited about participating in wellness events and activities. EAP Works' programs are data-driven, so not only are employees seeing and feeling a difference, but companies can also measure a reduction in employee absenteeism, healthcare claims dollars, employee stress and turnover as well as increased productivity and profits.

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