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Drug Free Workplace Training

Drug Free Workplace is perhaps the most effective anti-drug program in existence. This is simply because drugs cost money and drug users are most always employed. For the typical employer, that means unhealthy employees, unsafe working conditions, loss of productivity, smaller profits, more accidents, higher medical claims expenses, and a host of other negative effects for the employer and the employees.

Our Drug Free Workplace Training teaches managers and supervisors how to spot the warning signs of alcohol and drug abuse and how to properly and professionally confront an employee with behavior that is "reasonably suspicious". Our seminar provides a checklist of behavioral warning signs and a description of all drugs that are covered in the Drug Free Workplace policy. Your organization can minimize the risk of a serious job performance problem in the workplace and support a better quality of life for your employees, by administering a drug free workplace program in your company.

Many states encourage companies to initiate a drug free workplace by implementing a policy, offering counseling and mandating drug tests (urine screening). For example, the state of Georgia offers a 7.5% reduction in their workers’ compensation insurance. Usually there are components of employee and supervisor training.

We have been successful in providing Drug Free Workplace Training around the United States and are available to make it an important part of your employee assistance program. Click here to find out how we can help you.