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Consultation and Training

Leaders are often the first to observe an employee with work performance issues, attendance problems and/or personal concerns. When managers and supervisors take action to recommend our counseling, coaching, training and work/life services, the situation can often be quickly resolved. The implementation of our EAP Counseling and other Wellness Programs is the result of our understanding of a wide variety of corporate cultures. EAP Work provides leaders with strategies for engaging employees. Leadership is the key to launching any successful program within an organization.

After 25 years of consulting and tailoring programs for organizations, we have developed a number of training programs that have helped to reduce costs, improve productivity, enhance creativity, reduce absenteeism and litigation, and increase the retention of employees. EAP Works provides unlimited telephone consultation with leaders regarding any employee work performance issues. Additionally, our consulting process ensures that both your organizational and individual employee needs are properly met. By consulting with you about these needs and other important issues, you can rest assured that our programs will help you meet your goals. Some of these training programs are listed below:

  • EAP Supervisor Training – This program educates supervisors and managers about the EAP services, and providing training on how to make a referral. This training is also online and interactive, including a brief test and Certificate of Completion. We also have an EAP Orientation for Employees.

  • Leadership Coaching and Development – Individual and Group Leadership Coaching programs are based on setting Identified Tasks set by both the Organization and the Individual. Our coaching programs are in high demand to assist leaders with specific employee problems and to provide training for emerging leaders.

  • Stress Management and Mindfulness - This seminar begins by explaining that America is a nation of people struggling with sleep deprivation that can cause accidents, lost productivity and increased medical claims; so, it’s important to get proper sleep, exercise and nutrition, as well as learn specific techniques for relaxing the mind and body. Participants will be given evidence-based information about Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and problem solving, as well as Mindfulness tips that will help them "connect the dots" from their thinking to how they feel and act to improve work performance, personal relationships and overall health. Our experienced professionals are available for Individual Consultation, Coaching supported by Online Training.

  • Anger Management – The skills taught in our Anger Management training are immediately helpful and with practice can change a leader’s behavior, relationships and job. These programs help people learn to “Stop, Look and Listen” before taking action. It includes learning how to “Time Out” as well as how to “Calm Down”. We also use the step-by-step tools available in the course as a part of our Individual Consultation, Coaching and Counseling services. The training is On-line for those interested in working the program alone or with a family member.

  • Conflict Resolution – “Resolving Conflicts to Solve Problems” addresses the important point that life has conflicts and that there are healthy ways to deal with such issues. This detailed seminar breaks down the types of conflicts and how to deal with each of them. We cover rules of engagement, including a step-by-step coaching process. Leaders will also learn ways to properly avoid conflict. This seminar has been proven to be helpful to Human Resources leaders in addressing this important issue.

  • Violence Prevention – During this seminar, leaders are cautioned about the myths and warning signs of violence. Our coaches teach leaders the four categories of violence, important security procedures and proper response to reach a safe resolution.

  • Behavior Styles Training – Our Success Management and Relationship Training is based on our SMART Behavioral Styles profile system. Understanding people's behavioral styles makes living and working together much easier and more successful. Leaders will learn how people receive and respond to, i.e. "feel, think, react and intuit", people around them. We teach leaders how to properly observe, learning what a person likes and dislikes and most importantly, when to "be safe, right, ready or stimulating." This training is designed for individual use as well as for teams and entire departments.

  • Change Management – This motivational seminar encourages leaders to remember their core values — especially during difficult times — with information from Stephen R. Covey regarding Change, Choices and Principles and motivational materials from Randy Pausch. This training will also introduce you to Emotional Intelligence, EQ by Daniel Goleman, and it will guide you through identifying your personal and professional goals that are always helpful to remember during challenging times.

  • Drug Free Workplace – We offer a comprehensive and impactful anti-drug program which includes training for supervisors, and assessment, counseling, training, referrals and treatment follow-up employees.

Individual consultation, coaching and online training are included in many of our leadership seminars. These services are grouped in several of our EAP products. Get A Quote on our consulting and training services.