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Who We Are

EAP Works is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Our EAP services were first provided in 1988 through the North Pines Center, Inc (NPC). As more organizations requested our EAP services, EAP Works was launched in 1999 as a division of NPC. When healthcare costs began to skyrocket in 2000, our client companies naturally turned to us to address the health of their employee population and to create effective, data-driven cost control measures, and Health Works Solutions, LLC was created in 2011.

The mission of EAP Works is to provide the highest quality EAP services to the employee, family members and to the overall organization. To accomplish this goal we provide timely EAP counseling appointments at convenient locations with experienced counselors. Additionally, we provide telephone coaching, a Worklife Resources website, and consultation and training programs.

EAP Works has a proven track record of changing lives and transforming organizations to support a healthy and productive workplace. We provide tailored services to include Employee Assistance Programs, Work/Life Resources, Drug Free Workplace Programs, Executive Coaching Programs, Leadership Programs, Wellness Programs, Crisis Management for threat of violence (TOV) and Behavioral Risk Management Programs.

For many years we have been a trusted resource by company CEOs, Presidents, Brokers, Consultants, Human Resource Directors, etc. EAP Works will work hard to help define the needs of your organization, and work in partnership with you.

The EAP Works Difference

Our Employee Assistance Programs far exceeds other such programs by providing quality intakes to insure the individual’s concerns are clearly defined, more problem-solving resources, hands-on case management and follow-up services that insure the issues are resolved. Additionally, our coordination with human resources managers, managers, supervisors and other leaders more quickly resolve problems. EAP Works provides resources to company leaders to address problems that can prevent human suffering, lost productivity and unnecessary costs.

We work harder...

  1. We offer more ways to receive our confidential counseling, coaching and case management services: In person, by phone, video conferencing (like Skype) and text.
  2. We own our EAP Affiliate network
  3. We own our EAP tracking software
  4. We help take the "stigma" off mental health services through employee education and leadership training. Avoid the "hidden suffering" your people experience caused by not having the solutions we make available for address work conflicts, stress, marital and family issues, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and much more.

Simply put, EAP Works harder for your organization and your people. Contact Us to find out how we can help you.