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EAP Works is a family of qualified professionals with more than 50 years of combined years of experience helping people and organizations when they need it the most. With patience and tenacity, we help employees develop the life skills necessary to fulfill their potential, both personally and professionally. The heart of our EAP service is embodied in the quality and resourcefulness of our staff both as counselors and referral agents working within the community of professional mental health providers.

Our core staff includes an administrator, administrative assistant, clinical supervisor, training coordinator, and mental health coordinator. When a person calls into our organization we are pleased to have them speak directly to our mental health coordinator. We value our clients and want them to enjoy a good experience from their very first call.

Kenneth Scroggs, LPC, LCSW, BC-TMH

Our team is led by President and CEO, Ken Scroggs, who began providing behavioral risk management services in 1973 as a Captain in the U. S. Army providing programs for Leadership Development, Child Abuse, Crisis Management, Hospital Social Work, Human Services Coordination and others. In 1986, he launched his first EAP programs with private corporations, governmental organization, medical/surgical companies, manufacturers and first responders. He has served as the President of the Georgia Chapter of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA). He continues to be a thought leader as exemplified by developing the core competencies for the TeleMental Health certification recommended by the State of Georgia Composite Board’s required 6 hours TeleMental Health Training.